If you are used to getting your medications through a regular brick-and-mortar pharmacy, it may be news to you that thousands of people shop for their medications online. The reason for it is simple – it costs less money that way. In addition, it’s more convenient. Imagine you need some drug and would like to start your treatment without having to make appointments, see doctors and get refills. Instead of doing all that, you can log into your account with the pharmacy you are buying from and place an order within just a few minutes. You are staying home and it’s taking you just a few minutes. So it’s clear why so many people prefer buying medications over the internet.

My Canadian Pharmacy offers brand name and generic medications, the choice is always up to the client based on their financial situation and expectations. It’s important to point out though that generic medications are no different than their brand name counterparts. The only difference that you should be aware of as a customer is the price.

Generic medications are available at a much lower price because they are not made by the same manufacturer that makes the brand name drug, which means you do not have to pay the marketing and advertising expenses, just paying for the efficient active ingredient that will help you control your symptoms. Basically, generic manufacturers that My Canadian Pharmacy works with do not need to spend money on research and marketing or trials, as all that has already been done by the original manufacturer. It may not be fair from the original manufacturer’s point of view, but when it comes to actually paying the amount, it’s logical to choose to pay less.

My Canadian Pharmacy is a well-established pharmacy with many years of experience, so you can’t go wrong when you choose it as your cheap drug supplier. More about this pharmacy you can find out here. They offer a range of medications for any conditions and symptoms you may experience, all of them have undergone proper quality control and comply with the industry’s standards of quality and efficiency. The one thing you can’t get at this pharmacy is medical advice. But this is something you should never seek online anyway, because being examined by a doctor is something that cannot be done virtually, at least not yet. But after you’ve gone to your doctor and discovered what kind of drug you need and how long the treatment will take, you can always buy that from online pharmacy.

This place is all about convenience and low prices, plus their delivery is always timely. The delivery options are quite straightforward: it’s airmail delivery or express courier delivery for customers from US, and just airmail delivery for all other customers. Delivery takes 8-21 days depending on the method selected. If and when you order for over $150, there is the added bonus of your delivery becoming free (for airmail delivery). You can get express courier delivery as a bonus if you purchase for over $300 at once, which is not much if you are buying a supply for yourself and your family to be ready for any medical emergency.

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