Today, pharmaceutical companies produce medicines for children and adults on an industrial scale. In modern pharmacies, you can purchase drugs that allow you to get rid of any diseases, keep the body in good shape, and also carry out prevention of all kinds of ailments. Despite the abundance of medicines, there is often a need for a preparation made according to an individual prescription. Such medicines are created taking into account the patient’s age, the nature of the course of his diseases, individual intolerance to the components and many other factors. The attending physician gives a prescription, selecting the most effective formula for each case.

Drug Compounding_ Effective, Safe, Individual

When is compounding required?

  • A patient has an intolerance to the components of preparations made by an industrial method;
  • Analogs are not manufactured industrially;
  • An individual dosage is required (including a pediatric dosage).

Dose accuracy determines the safety of treatment

Some drugs cannot be applied with the same ease as regular medicines. Their preparation should be handled by pharmacists individually.

When prescribing an individual treatment, the doctor takes into account many factors, such as weight, height, concomitant diseases and current status of the patient. With the correction of subsequent treatment, the dosage of some drugs most often change. Therefore, serial dosages of factory medications make it difficult for nurses to prepare solutions for intravenous administration. Their complex compositions are a risk factor that makes therapy many times more dangerous due to possible inaccurate calculations, erroneous doses, or improper mixing of components.

Compounds for young children allow taking into account individual dosing, developmental features, concomitant diseases – this is especially important in the newborn age. In finished drugs, such indicators are taken on the “average” principle.

Some pharmacies produce various forms of compounds: solutions for internal and external use, powders, drops, ointments, suspensions and other forms.

Medicinal products are made according to the doctor’s prescription within one calendar day. If the prescription is labeled “Immediately!”, the drug is made within two hours.

Ointments, powders and mixtures prepared in such a way are in great demand because of the successful combination of price and quality.

Benefits of compounding

The main advantages of compounds are the ability of the physician to select the individual composition and dosage based on age, weight, comorbidities, characteristics of the organism, condition of the patient’s excretory functions, tolerance of individual components, the presence of allergic diseases.

The advantage of drugs manufactured in a pharmacy is the lack of the need to use preservatives to ensure the stability of dosage forms, especially dosage forms for newborns, as well as the ability to quickly meet the need for medicines in emergency situations.

Compounding is a real salvation for the poor and retirees. Treatment with such drugs may cost up 10 times cheaper than that with ready-made counterparts. It is not only about affordable prices, but also the high quality of medicines.

The process of manufacturing drugs is complicated and time-consuming. The pharmacist manufactures drugs, performs a complete chemical and organoleptic analysis. In the developed countries, it is recognized that medicine made by a pharmacist according to an individual prescription is much more effective from the point of view of biopharmaceutics than an analog of industrial production.

No risks and side effects

The advantages of compounds manufactured in pharmacies according to individual prescriptions are obvious. First, the risk of buying a fake is excluded, a patient receives the drug in the individual dosage and composition clearly defined in the prescription, taking into account age, previous diseases, other features of the body, which is very important for rational treatment. Secondly, such preparations do not contain stabilizers and preservatives, therefore the probability of negative side effects is minimal. In addition, the price of compounds is formed without trade margins, which usually cover the costs of registration, packaging, advertising, etc.

Children need individual medications very often since the domestic market has a limited range of dosage forms. Dosages in the production of such drugs are so small that they can not be made without stabilizers and fillers in the factory. And dividing the tablets into pieces, opening the capsules and other dosage methods reduce the effectiveness of the product. In addition, many drugs for children do not even have analogs in industrial production.

Regretfully, drug compounding service is currently unavailable at My Canadian Pharmacy but we hope soon you will be able to order individual prescriptions online.