Price availability and quality of service are two main criteria for evaluating a pharmacy that claims to be the market leader.

No doubt, reasonable prices attract consumers and raise questions. More and more people choose My Canadian Pharmacy because the company cares about its customers.

First of all, we are the largest online distributor of drugs. We cooperate with the best logistics in the pharmaceutical industry: from the purchase of goods to its receipt by the customer. Our quality control department works flawlessly. Of course, all medicines entering our pharmacy are certified, they are transported and stored in full compliance with the requirements.

But, of course, the second important success factor is the constant struggle for the quality of service in My Canadian Pharmacy. We train our pharmacists. We have created a unique program of training specialists in the field of efficacy and safety of drugs. After all, thousands of patients place orders every day, and we understand that some of them may have difficulties: many need professional advice and help from a pharmacist. We require our employees to provide reliable information to the buyer about every drug and, of course, our pharmacists will always explain how to take certain medicines.

And, of course, do not forget about the variety of goods and additional services. The customer of My Canadian Pharmacy will be able to buy not only medicines but also any goods for the prevention of diseases and a healthy lifestyle. Another service offered by the company is a fast home delivery! Our regular customers really LOVE this aspect.

But the main thing is that we promise to keep the most affordable prices for medicines and to offer attractive discounts.

The future plans of the company include expanding the range and introducing additional services: stay tuned!